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I have always loved making early as I can remember I was watching painting shows on TV, with palette and easel set up along side, trying to paint a forest or mountain, or asking my grandmother to cast-on some stitches so I could “knit” at age 5, or watching her sit at her Singer, altering clothes for me that were purchased too big (but on sale!). This website and my brand name, Tillie Studio, are dedicated to my grandmother. She is an amazing woman with an impeccable sense of style, and serves as inspiration for much of my work. I also give her full credit for my passion for sewing and knitting. When I started sewing more regularly and semi-professionally about two years ago, I decided I needed to brand my wares. Tillie Studio is a tribute to her, and a new way I have been able to connect to her! I love you, Grandma!


family & friends, sewing, knitting, cooking, dinner parties, interior design, reading, music